Eirene Law provides services to clients in several areas of law. Interns will get hands-on experience during the internship period and should expect to:

(1)   Observe civil and criminal court proceedings in the presence of the supervision attorney (and with the permission of the presiding judge in some cases).

(2)   Interact with court clerks, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, social workers, and Guardian Ad Litems (GALs).

(3)   Visit adult and juvenile clients in custody.

(4) Review civil and criminal statutes and conduct legal research.

(5) Argue civil and criminal motions in the presence of the supervising attorney (after receiving consent from the client and permission from the court in which the intern will appear).


(1) Must obtain or have already obtained Third Year Practice Certificate from the Virginia State Bar. If your law school is located in a state other than Virginia, check with your law school regarding procedures to be certified as a third year practice student in Virginia (you may also qualify if you recently graduated law school and preparing to take the bar exam or awaiting exam results) ; AND

(2) Must have reliable transportation. Interns should expect to appear in court frequently. The majority of court appearances will take place in northern Virginia (20-30 minutes outside of Washington, DC).  

Application Process:

Internships are available in the summer, fall, and spring (aligned with the law school academic calendar).

The deadline for Summer applications is March 1
The deadline for Fall applications is June 1
The deadline for Spring applications is November 15

This is an unpaid internship. All interested applicants should email a cover letter, resume, and a copy of their Third Year Practice Certificate issued by the Virginia State Bar to

Applications missing a resume, cover letter, or a Third Year Practice Certificate, or received after the deadline, will not be considered.